How to prepare for exams in limited time?

Use your revision time effectively. Prepare a revision time table.

2.    When is your energy level the highest. This is the time to tackle the difficult bits.

3.    Do not postpone the difficult topics.

4.    Attend to routine things like tidying up, at low energy times of the day.

5.    Do not just read. Make notes. In fact summarizing and condensing notes focuses your mind.

6.    Discuss topics, after having revised them, with your classmates.

7.    Use diagrammatic representation where ever possible. You may find this easier to retain.

8.    Take a 5 minutes break after every 40 minutes (Certainly after an hour!).

9.    Take a longer break after every 3 hours of study.

10.  Eat well.

11.  Play some game when you find time. This helps you relax.

12.  Do your best during the revision.

13.  On the examination day, do not worry, even if you feel that you remember nothing! Give it your best shot, you will be able to recall once the questions are in front of you.

14.  Answer all questions. Ensure that you plan your time well during the examination.

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What are the best ways to increase your Love?

  • Talk to each other
  • Dont show yourself as a flirty guy.
  • Life is serious enough. Sometimes you just need to do something really silly.
  • Remember that healthy relationships are made up of two independent people who have their own personalities and interests. It’s not good for the relationship to be constantly joined at the hip. So also make a daily habit of getting away from each other.
  • Cultivate common Interest. Along with developing your personal interests, apart from one another, it is also essential to find something you can do together.
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How to spot the cheating lover?

  • He wont talk about the relationship. Men who don’t fear commitment have no problem with discussing the direction and intensity of relationship.
  • He is open about his interest in other women. Almost as if proud of their commitment issues, men who don’t want to commit will openly discuss women they find attractive.
  • He flinches at the word marriage. Men with commitment issues won’t discuss marriage, and might even break out into a cold sweat at its mention.
  • He won’t meet your friends. Men who have commitment issues want to keep the relationship as private as possible.
  • He won’t talk about the future. Commitment issues keep a man from wanting to discuss the future: next month, next week, or even tomorrow night! They like to live by the moment and don’t want to count on the fact that you’ll be around tomorrow.
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How to find your Soulmate?

  • Some believe that your destiny will bring you to your soul mate like a magnet pulls metal.Unfortunately, there is no formula for finding your soul mate. We can only prepare ourselves to recognize that special person when we meet him or her.
  • One must prepare to give oneself away to others and develop a never ending steam of trust within yourself so that you can accept everyone you meet without judgments or fear.
  • Some people confuse this discovery as an endeavor to look for the ultimate romantic partner. Finding your soul mate is a search for wholeness or completion. It may lead to a physical union but it is much beyond mere physical desire.
  • If you can learn to love unconditionally, abandon yourself to your spiritual desires and accept wholeheartedly the people that God sends in our lives everyday, you will find your soul mate without any doubt.
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How to use stock charts using Day Trading?

  • A In day trading, basically all of your positions are closed at the end of a given trading session. A trading session is a trading day.
  • Day trading comes with a good amount of risk. That means that even though there is more and more talk of day trading, and more people are learning how to be a day trader for themselves, this is risky business and should be approached with that knowledge.
  • One of the aspects of how to be a day trader is reading stock charts. That means that you will want to learn how to read stock charts. Stock charts are used to help a traders keep track of the specific markets they are trading in.
  • Supported by most charting software, Line Charts are used often. However, this type of stock chart shows only one piece of trading information. A line chart can be structured to show you any one of the following items: The Open, Close, High or Low of the trading time frame you are searching.
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What are the suitable investment in a stock market?

  • The important thing is that you grab a good investment that suits your particular requirement.
  • Different investments could result differently for different people. What is good for A could be unsuitable for B. So you need to make a wise choice. You don’t have to put bets on a penny stock in an account assigned for upcoming college expenses.
  • You can’t have everything in any one investment. For growth or higher returns, you need to trade off safety. For high income or safety, you need to trade away high growth opportunities.
  • Grade your financial requirements before you set out to invest in anything. Make sure you consider the five important investment basics: growth, income, liquidity, safety and tax benefits.
  • A good investor would consider every investment in regards to the investment basics.
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What are the Benefits of stock market volatility?

  • Many investors when they foray wonder what to do when the stock market falls. They sell or just sit on the fence and wait for the downward trend to cave in. The irony is that they actually begin to invest when the stock market is on the higher side.
  • If you are an experienced investor, you will not be getting into such an odd thing, you will be applying something very different instead. You will be purchasing when the market is collapsing and that will be against the market, which is also called contrarian theory.
  • As you are constructing your portfolio for the long term you don’t need to be bothered about the present stock market falls. Every descending movement is a prospect for you to choose the stock. Dollar cost averaging is an alternate way to view it.
  • The key aspect that you need to be careful about while employing the stock market volatility for your advantage is the fact that you need to do a decent research and analysis before venturing into a particular stock. You should pick a stock that you consider is good enough to be held for a minimum of ten years and will earn you money after the decade.
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How to face an interview for the first time?

  • Always exhibit punctuality. Plan to arrive at least a few minutes before the stipulated time.
  • Plan ahead. Choose what you are going to wear. Wear your best business attire and anything else that makes you feel good and confident.
  • Take a few deep breathes before you enter. Once in front of the interviewer greet him/her with a firm handshake or a polite greeting & Hand over your Resume.
  • Remember that he is interviewing you. Hence, let the questions be asked by him. Listen carefully and comprehend the questions well before responding.
  • Be careful of the language and words that you use. Pay special attention to grammar and pronunciation. Speak clearly, confidently and coherently.
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